October 29, 2006

Forest Treasure

An extra hour of sleep and sunshine in bed in the morning...double bonus! Perfect day for another mushroom hunt, said R., but by the time we got to the woods it was drizzling. We stuck it out and were glad we did; perserverance furthers:

Soup and Chantarelle Crostini for supper and enough mushrooms left over to dry for the winter.

Back at home, tried printing the third colour of Trees Overhead but the dark green still hasn't cured. One week later and it's still tacky and smeary. I figured I'd better wait it out and reprinted Birdhouse instead, this time with DS ink .

4" x 6" - Rives BFK

I'll be adding watercolours to it once it's dry; I'm guessing the paper will work well for that.

October 23, 2006

Alexander Ivanov

I came across a Russian artist who's done the most amazing and unique linocuts. I kept forgetting his name but kept wanting to go back to the page to look again and again; maybe this is a good place for a link to it.
Maybe his work appeals to me so much because the European style reminds me of illustrations in books I read as a kid in the Czech Republic?

October 22, 2006

Sunday adventures

Can fall be as beautiful as it is here -- grass full of dew, grey scarves of mist around the mountains, the scent of damp pine needles -- in some place like Saskatchewan, for example?

R and I took Frodo for his run in the park this morning, the two of us searching for wild mushrooms - again. Nothing yet for the days of rain last week; only the usual sulphur caps and one beautiful and classic amenita rising alone from a bed of fallen oak leaves. I wished I had the camera and could have taken a picture for a future print. But then we'd need the camera every time we go out. There's always something that inspires.

In the afternoon I printed block 2 of Leaves Overhead -- big sigh of relief. A couple of people on WetCanvas had problems with their second colour separating from the first with the DS waterbased inks. I stressed a bit about that happening to me but the colour went on beautifully, as well as the first.