October 29, 2006

Forest Treasure

An extra hour of sleep and sunshine in bed in the morning...double bonus! Perfect day for another mushroom hunt, said R., but by the time we got to the woods it was drizzling. We stuck it out and were glad we did; perserverance furthers:

Soup and Chantarelle Crostini for supper and enough mushrooms left over to dry for the winter.

Back at home, tried printing the third colour of Trees Overhead but the dark green still hasn't cured. One week later and it's still tacky and smeary. I figured I'd better wait it out and reprinted Birdhouse instead, this time with DS ink .

4" x 6" - Rives BFK

I'll be adding watercolours to it once it's dry; I'm guessing the paper will work well for that.

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