October 22, 2006

Sunday adventures

Can fall be as beautiful as it is here -- grass full of dew, grey scarves of mist around the mountains, the scent of damp pine needles -- in some place like Saskatchewan, for example?

R and I took Frodo for his run in the park this morning, the two of us searching for wild mushrooms - again. Nothing yet for the days of rain last week; only the usual sulphur caps and one beautiful and classic amenita rising alone from a bed of fallen oak leaves. I wished I had the camera and could have taken a picture for a future print. But then we'd need the camera every time we go out. There's always something that inspires.

In the afternoon I printed block 2 of Leaves Overhead -- big sigh of relief. A couple of people on WetCanvas had problems with their second colour separating from the first with the DS waterbased inks. I stressed a bit about that happening to me but the colour went on beautifully, as well as the first.


DonW said...

Well, I thought I was all over the map but am glad there are others out there. I don't go anywhere without my camera. Anybody who likes Miles Davis and Neil Young must have it together in some ways. Cheers DonW

Kate G said...

Wow, my first comment! And from someone who likes Neil Young too. Seems like there aren't too many of us around these days.