November 13, 2006

Long Weekend

Sweet long weekend! Way too much of this one went to the Roman blinds I started sewing in the summer but at least we finally got the new window trims put in and painted and the blinds mounted. Now I know why they charged $450 a piece at the window place and never again am I making new blinds myself. That's what I say now anyhow. At least the windows finally look as awesome as they were meant to.

And I did actually manage to get some artwork done.
First, I finally carved the lino version of the Dandelions graphite I did a few months ago.

But I proofed it and didn't like the first proof at all -- the church dome was very weird and oniony and looked as if it would fall off. I carved another block, this one with a modified the church dome and body, and did another proof and didn't like it either. It didn't seem to have the same energy. In the end I guess I'll crop both blocks and have two bits I'm not sure I'll ever do a proper printing of - at least not for a while. Christmas is too close and I have to get started on Christmas cards.

Dandelions - Cropped

Last, even though the red leaves from last week still weren't fully dry, I risked it and printed my last block for Leaves Overhead. I might still do a very light wash of blue for the sky once the but I'm not sure about that one. In any case, next is matting and THAT will wait too. My last matting attempt ruined my mood for too many days.

Block 4 - DS Ink - Black

Not a bad weekend all in all though all that much harder to go to back to work now. Sigh.

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