November 04, 2006

Relief Print Show

I dragged R to the Burnaby Art Gallery's current exhibit, The Relief Print, today. We drove over there in probably the worst downpour of the day, hydroplaning on the highway, surrounded by clouds of mist. To me, not having to focus on driving, it was beautiful.
Both Deer Lake park and the gallery were empty when we got there so we had the luxury of wandering around and taking in the artwork at our own pace. Slowly.

What a surprise (and not) to see Jim Rimmer's prints as soon as we turned the corner into the exhibit hall. I love his work, love the radiance of the colours. Along with Jim, there were four other contemporary artists featured as the main focus of the show and all of them most inspiring. Linoprints have an energy and power uniquely their own.
For contrast, we watched a taped presentation on the Moku Hanga technique -- I really like the results, the transluscence of the colours, but the method doesn't draw me somehow.
Finally, touring the gallery's collection of prints, we were both blown away by a couple of works by Rosemary Kilbourn and Ernest Lindner, both dead now. It's amazing how someone can take a block of wood and bring such marvellous images out of it.

And yet it was a small exhibit. I'd been hoping for many, many more prints on display, hoping to find more contemporary artists working with relief printmaking. I suppose that's the nature of the medium: it's an exclusive club.

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