November 26, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Compared with the snow storms in the Toronto of my childhood, the one here today is probably mild. Still, R. is going out to shovel for the third time today and the snow's still coming down. It's supposed to fall through the night.

N. is keeping her fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow and I'm thinking the same way. I love it when the city slows down for snow and people slow down the frantic pace of their days. Besides that, it's beautiful to look at.

We took Frodo and set out for a short walk but he loved being out there so much we ended up just walking and walking. By the time we came back I had to chip away at the balls of snow frozen into his fur. I couldn't get them all out and he soaked every spot he lay down at after that: the walking puddle.

Today was also the day of R's staff Christmas party but, thanks to the snow, it was cancelled. As much as I like dinners out, today we were only too happy to stay home, eat pea soup and sandwiches, and feel thankful for the peace. I worked on the Christmas cards and managed to get lots done, inspired I guess by the wonderland outside behind me. Very thematically fitting.

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