January 28, 2007

Printing again. Finally. Carrizo Plain.

I started working on the Carrizo Plain last week. In the end I’ve opted for a reduction print just to try something new. My image is 5" X 5 ½".

So far I’ve got two colours down, blue and yellow.

Here they are individually in the order printed. I'm working with DS water-based inks and two different papers I got from Opus last week. Neither one is specifically "printmaking" paper but I'm not printing wet so it doesn't matter and I actually like both of them better than the BFK Rives or Arches I had till now -- those ones always seem so heavy. Ironically, both of these new papers were a less expensive yet take the ink really well.

Here are the two colours together:

The yellow didn’t come out quite as bright as I’d like but I think it'll be okay; it's almost green even in the original photo and there isn’t that much of it really. Hopefully the other, darker colours will be register better.

And, hurrah! I also got a chance to mat three of my previous prints. The matcutter is awesome; no more cursing and throwing stuff around now. Plus it's amazing how much better everything looks once it's matted; the matting really kicks it up a notch.

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