February 25, 2007


Today I also transferred the image for the next piece I'll be doing, another reduction print, to two new blocks. I'll probably start working on that one this coming week -- the Carizzo Plain block is taking very little time to carve at this point.
This is the sketch; the inspiration came from a park we stopped at and wandered through on our Seattle trip last fall. The path wound through a grove of these trees and the needles on most of them were turning orange as if they were deciduous leaves. They were backlit to amber by the sun and in sharp relief against the surrounding greenery of the park. It was breathtaking and we were kicking ourselves for not having the camera again. How many times do we need to learn that lesson?

Carrizo Plain: Fade to Grey

Next colour done and three left to go now. It's interesting how the mood of the piece changes with the different layers. So far, like the others, this is still only an accent colour. Very little of it will remain once the next layer goes on.

February 18, 2007

Carrizo Plain: Purple Haze

Fourth colour. This time I followed Natalia Moroz's method of gently pressing a piece of copy paper over the freshly printed image to minimize the gloss of the ink. I actually like the sheen of the ink as it dries but it isn't consistent and the image picks up a subtle blotchiness. Blotting the print a bit makes actually still leaves most of the sheen but makes it more uniform.

I wish I could print during the week as well and not just on weekends. The number of colours still left to go increases with each colour I print; last week it was three or four, now I know I still want at least five more from this point. And I already have ideas for the next block I want to do.

February 11, 2007

Carrizo Plain: Orange County

Next colour down.

I'm thinking at least three more; I'm totally getting into this "suicide" method of printing. More so than doing multiple blocks maybe but I came across the website of a lino artist, Natalia Moroz, who combines both methods – that’s deffinitely worth an experiment.
Her work is incredible; both R. and I are in awe. It inspires and depresses me at the same time. I have such a long, long way to go…