March 18, 2007

Carrizo Plain: Greendale

And that's it.
Actually, after I printed the green layer I thought: one more. I figured I'd put in some very small areas of pale green just to kick up the dark a bit. But, it didn't work the way I envisioned and instead looked like the green slime monster had visited the place and spat up in random places. Now, with almost nothing left of the block, I'll have to call it done and move on.

I did try to recycle the sage green I'd mixed for the highlights, and use it for the background of my next print, Pine, but it was too dark. Frustrating day really. In the end I packed everything up and went to make soup which (am I surprised?) didn't turn out spectacular either.

Nevermind. If all goes well, I'll have the next couple of weeks off and I'll have time to do some more work then. I've already warned R, who's taking the week after next off with me, that I'm not going to be talked into any of the wild goose chases that usually dominate our vacation times, and I'm going to devote the week to my artwork. I guess I'll see how strong my resolve is when the time comes, and the sun comes out, and he says: let's go to Granville Island and look for art supplies. No, wait, it'll be me saying that...

March 11, 2007

Carrizo Plain: Blue Velvet

This is the first of the two main colours. It's not as light as I had originally thought it would be but I like the contrast it creates.

I've also started carving my next print, Pine, but can't print the first colour -- frustrating -- because I have no room for drying the new set of prints. I'm seriously considering getting rid of the dishwasher and getting R to put in a print drying/wine rack instead. That way we each get something we want. But, in the meantime, I'm learning what I can about GIMP2. I bought what seems like a great book so far, Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional and am working my way through it. Not sure where it will take me but the journey is so far a good one.

March 04, 2007

Carrizo Plain: Rust Never Sleeps

Next colour down. This is the last of the highlight colours. Now there are only two left and they will be the two main colours.