April 09, 2007

Wabe Sabe Pine: Step 1

I'm using two blocks for this next reduction print -- I couldn't figure out how to do it with just one. This is block 1, edges cleaned away so I could print the background, and the background as printed. It has a faint imprint from the original design transfer visible in it, enough for me to work from. The image is 5" x 7". I'm using BFK Rives and DS waterbased ink with some transparent medium added to make the background less opaque.

This is the same block, carved away for the second background colour. I mixed a bit of the tranparent medium into the ink for the second printing as well. Not too much of a hint as to what the final image will be at this stage.

On another note, last week was my first week at my brand new job. My workstation there is HUGE, I've never had so much wall space, so R talked me into taking some of my prints in to make the space more "me". Makes sense I guess, since I spend so much time at work each week, but I had to really stomp down my fears -- nobody other than the family has seen my work face to face and here it would be exposed to 5o some people. In the end though I thought "what the hell", matted up five prints, and took them over there.

And wow!, my boss was the first to comment -- most positively -- and was
impressed enough to tell his buddy, who made a special point of coming to my station to look. Blush, blush, blush....

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Kreisquadrierer said...

I tried this technique today, but without the expected success. Need more exercise :)