July 09, 2007

At last, an end to the trial...

It’s incredible that nearly a month’s sped by since I last showed up here. That’s how life moves past, a month here, a month there, and before you know it we’ve got grey hair, wrinkles, and saggy body parts that no amount of “elipticalling” at the gym will unsag.

I’ve devoted three weeks of this elapsed month to creating a website. It’s really more of a web portfolio and I still don’t really have a good reason why I put it together other than to be able to answer those rare do you have a website questions with a yes. The way I figure, someone who just wants to see a sampling of my work shouldn’t have to read through all my ramblings here and, so, ffffft, there went three weeks.

It took two weeks of what free time I could steal to create the site – hours and hours just handed over to getting random elements to cooperate and stay where I wanted them. It then took another week to get the damn thing published. I couldn’t get it to go live no matter what and my e-mail to Shaw support went unanswered for a week. Frustrated and feeling ready for a fight, I finally phoned Shaw tech support and there, thank God, a helpful soul. Within 10 minutes the site was up and active. Of course, I can’t remember the name of the guy who helped me but my silent thanks and gratitude go to him anyway manyfold. May the heavens smile on him tonight.

Now I can say, yes, I do have a website. Here it is: http://members.shaw.ca/winterland

(Edited in 2010: this address is now old. See right sidebar for the new link)

And now I can also return to carving, mind at rest. I started working on my next print last week and printed the first colour yesterday though no picture yet. That’ll have to wait until next Sunday.

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