July 15, 2007


Another colour reduction and an experiment again.

This is my original image: a magnificent Hybiscus that bloomed (and then died) in my first "potted garden" in this house.

This time I'm printing with oil-based ink. I'm using Georgian Oil paints mixed with the company's "block printing medium". First, because I want to compare the experience to printing with DS water-based inks and, second, because I've got a whole box of Georgian Oils sitting and going to waste so what the hell.
So far so good, two colours down. The hardest part is mixing up the exact hue I'm after and deciding how much to mix; that's always the hardest part. Today I ended up with way too much ink while last week I barely had enough and thought I might have to cut the edition short. The difference in viscosity between the oils and the DS water-based inks doesn't help. The coverage ends up being different so it's harder to gauge how much to mix. But then that's why it's good to experiment.

These are the first two pulls and I'm not yet sure how many there will end up being. I'm hoping to keep the print fairly simple and a bit loose. The finished print will be 6" x 8" -- still using up the lino I have before I move on to bigger sizes. Only the center of the block has been inked and printed; the space around the flower will be defined as I go on.

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