August 06, 2007

The Return Swing of the Pendulum

So here it is, a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, all on account of the long weekend. And what a glorious weekend it was. Truly.
N was away camping with the BF all three days, the neighbours were away too -- no noise pollution of lawn-mowers or weed-eaters -- and R and I determined to seize the moment and find some peace. Even though there are gates to be built and steps to be replaced. Even though the weeds grow like weeds in the garden.

We took the whole weekend and, apart from the weekly obligatory house chores, did nothing serious and didn't drive anywhere except to the farmers market on Saturday morning for local veggies. It's ironic, having to drive for half an hour to get local stuff, to help the environment, but I guess it still beats buying Safeway imports from thousands of miles away. Other than the trip to the market though, we were outside soaking in the sun as much as possible. It's hard to sit on the deck and feel down:

On Sunday I printed another layer in the Hybiscus print. I more or less dragged myself to it after the disappointment of last week, not hoping for much but determined to hang in, as Azul says. And, maybe it was on account of the next colour being pretty basic, no complicated mixing, or maybe it was the sun shining outside, or maybe it was just that the pendulum swung over to the positive side of the map this time but, whatever the reason, the printing went way better than I even hoped. The colour came together nicely, no issues with registration, and the image is beginning to take shape.

Now there's just black to put in and I'll be done. That in mind, yesterday I woke up with a new image in my head and had it sketched out by afternoon, colour map and all. I'm still going through bouts of longing or homesickness or whatever it is for the Czech Republic so my next print is going to be a Czech scene again. And it'll be from the Shina plywood I ordered a while back from McLains. I can't wait to try it; I loved working with wood but the old press didn't have enough clearance to take it. So tonight, even though I had to wake at six to go to work and there's lots of stress there lately, I'm in good spirits.

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