September 23, 2007

Field Flowers: Close to the End

Here's the next colour in the print. This one really gives the image the punch I was hoping for.

The next stage are the flowers -- two more colours. Typically, I've already started prepping my next print. Seems like I always get started on my next project before I'm finished my current one. Is that normal I wonder. Maybe there's only so much time I want to devote to a print and it seems that 8 weeks are about it. It's incredible really, how many weeks it actually takes me to finish one print! They whip by so fast I barely notice it until I take the time to count them. Mother tells me she admires my patience but I'm not so sure if I actually have it, or if I'm only trying to teach myself to have it.

1 comment:

azulparsnip said...

nice print, love the distance