September 09, 2007

Field Flowers: Next steps

These are the next stages in the meadow print, done over the last few weeks. I screwed up the printing the gold colour and didn't ink the block in all the areas I should have. That left some areas that needed to be gold, white. Is a little cheating allowed? I ended up solving the problem by mixing more gold and actually rolling a very fine layer directly onto the paper where it should be. The difference in tone was really obvious only until the next colour went on; after that, it was okay.

The difference between image 3 and 4 is very subtle, the greens are similar. It'll take the next colours to increase the contrast.

The carving's going ok. I got a couple of fine Japanese water stones from Lee Valley to keep the chisels sharp and am getting the hang of carving wood again. About time too, considering the block's almost carved away at this point.

The other nice surprise is that the inks are drying fast -- within a couple of days of being printed. In a proper studio with constant good light and a press that didn't have to be dragged around, I could be printing even through the week. Maybe. Time would probably be an issue then since it's not something I have a lot of on weeknights, when I have to force myself to bed by 11:00. I can't imagine how other people can live lives where all they do is go to work, watch an hour or two of TV and then go to bed at 10:00 or so, only to repeat it all again in the morning. No wonder there's so many "pajama people" out there.


azulparsnip said...

I like the depth in this

Katka said...

Thank you Azul. I'm kind of liking the way this is coming out too.