September 16, 2007

Field Flowers: slowly, slowly.

Woke up to rain this morning and breathed a sigh of relief. No rain means no guilt for not being out doing garden chores. Good day for printing. The next stage in the latest print caused some anxiety -- I was worried how a lighter colour would take to the fairly dark green below it. But it was okay. I haven't tested it enough to really know for sure yet, but I think that by adding in white allows lighter inks to print over top of darker ones. At least that's the way it worked here:

The next step will be a dark forest green for the mountains and clumps of woodland scattered throughout the fields. And then the flowers themselves. I haven't totally decided which colour I'll go with for the petal accents -- I was originally planning a deep blue but now, seeing how the print is coming out, I may go with something lighter. But I have time to think about that still.

In the meantime, I've remembered my love of the work of Ted Harrison. I saw one of his pieces on display in a gallery window last week and finally took the time to do a hunt for him on the internet.

His prints are silk-screens but I love the simplicity. He captures so much without making things complicated. I suspect his work reminds me of Josef Lada's whose images really resonate with me too. Yes, the two artists are very different thematically but they both use colour and a minimalistic style to convey their message and I love that.

Ted Harrison

"Sledding Together" "Friendly Greetings"

Josef Lada

"The Little Mill" "In the Village Green"

And I realize that in my own prints, the ones I like the best are the simplest ones too; the ones where I haven't spent too much time trying to make things really exact. Something to think about for sure.

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