January 20, 2008

Tree Spirit:: 4th Run

Week 4.
It occurred to me today that by the time I finish this print, it might almost be spring. There's good and bad to that thought for sure.

This is the next stage in the Tree Spirit. It's interesting to see the difference in the ink hue as printed on it's own and then over the other colours.

I'm almost afraid do verbalize that even now, fourth inking down, there have been no mishaps, no registration problems, no ghosts of the uncleared parts of the block, in short nothing to make me want to give it all up in despair. It makes me approach each new printing with more confidence on the one hand and terror at screwing up on the other. But maybe some of the past lessons and all the reading I've done are paying off a bit and there won't be screw ups.

Also got some new toys: leather & honing compound for sharpening my chisels and a nail set and hammer for trying out the idea I had for texturing. I've wanted the leather for a while now, and even nearly ordered it from McClain's, but shipping was going to cost more than the product was worth. Sometimes ordering from the States really sucks. Luckily, they had the leather and compound at Lee Valley. The leather came as a set of 5 small strips and one 1 larger one, all unmounted. No big deal; it took R literally 20 minutes to cut me the bases and glue the leather on.

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