February 13, 2008


Today was/is my boss's birthday and, since he happens to be a good guy as well as a good boss, since he's admired my prints (adorning my workstation) more than once, and since I never did get around to giving him one of my cards this past Christmas, I turned it into his birthday present.

The original matrix was done in SafetyKut so it's essentially a large rubber stamp. I used acid free, black permanent dye stamping ink to print it onto my favourite, BFK Rives 180 gm paper, embossed a border around it, and then matted and framed it. I had a bit of a dilemma about numbering: to number or not to number? In the end I decided that because the paper size (6" x 8") is larger than the original cards were and because I actually named the print and included my chop mark (for the very first time ever) in my signature, it's really a monoprint. As such, it doesn't need a number. The chances of me ever reproducing it in the same way again are virtually nil.

This is what it looked like; my boss seemed very pleased with it and said he felt "honoured" to have it:

The finished framed size is 8.5" x 11".

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Amie Roman said...

Nice print and lovely gift! As for numbering, I would have recommended calling it an AP or even a HC ("hors de commerce") which means that it was never intended for sale. But I wouldn't get knickers twisted over it!