February 24, 2008

Breaking habits & The Firebird

This is the first Sunday in more years than I care to admit to that I'm not planning to watch the Oscars. Nope, no open-faced sandwiches and lemon tea in front of the TV and a break in a tradition that began back in the days when Robert Redford, still young and hot, was fodder for my teenage fantasies. Through all these past years, some with sandwiches & tea and some with pizza and beer, the Oscars have remained a ritual.

Somehow, this year, the pull is gone. Too many commercials, too many formula films, too many insincere speeches. Or maybe it's because we haven't seen any of the big movies this year. Whatever the reason, time seems too precious to waste now and I plan to be at my work desk, carving (maybe) my next block: The Firebird. I didn't print today, three days and two nights of working in Whistler last week ate into my carving time and I didn't have a block ready. Instead, I worked out the colours although it'll be a while before I get to that stage; I'll be doing a key block for this print first and that'll probably take a week or two.

The Firebird is a Russian fairytale, one of those wonderfully long and adventuresome ones, that begins with a firebird coming in the middle of the night to steal some golden apples. The Czechs had their own version of it, of course, and it used to be a favourite when I was little.

The above is actually second version of the colour sketch, the first one is here:

This first one doesn't have that night time feel as much even though both are mere approximations. I expect the hues in the printed version to be much richer.

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Amie Roman said...

I really like the mood in your later sketch - and the almost complimentary colours work beautifully to enhance that. Looking forward to watching the development on this one - as a lot of WC!-ers say "Pulling up a chair!"