February 17, 2008

The number of completion

It seems that by this stage in the game, I'm always ready to finish the active print and move on. It must be because I have a lot of time, while working on each print, to think about what I want to do next and to begin developing it mentally, so I reach a point where I just want to get started on it. Not very Zen I know; I should be living fully in the moment I'm in. Nonetheless, I'm hoping that when the weather gets better, and the garage is a more welcoming place. and R builds me the new space efficient drying rack I want in the kitchen, I'll be able to work on two prints at a time: a reduction and a black/white one. We'll see.

Today I printed the last two colours for the Tree Spirit, bringing the total to the lovely number 9. Appropriate really, given that 9, in the Tarot, represents a physical completion of some kind. And no, I didn't actually consider any esoteric meanings when I first began planning out the colours; it just fell into place that way.

This is the finished piece:

7" x 8"

It's definitely been my turning point print: the first I've ever worked on that turned out close to what I'd envisioned, without the edition size decimated as a result of mishaps, and one I actually felt like I had a handle on re: what I was doing. I breathe a sigh of relief and thanks.

On a different note, I've begun sketching again, trying for a sketch per night though I missed a couple last week. My goal is to loosen my hand and eye; I'm striving for a more immediate and less cerebral process, kind of like the quick gesture drawings we did in life drawing class years ago. Only I'm not drawing nudes this time but am using randomly chosen photos from my Czech photo books. I'm allowing myself only a few minutes for each one - trying for around 15 minutes or so.

I started out using pencil but didn't like the way the sketches were turning out so I switched to drawing pen. The pen seems to force me to be looser.


Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive Kat. I always love your spontaneous energy when you don't overwork your art. There is a lot of life in these drawings.


Amie Roman said...

Beautiful final print; good choices on the final colours - they worked really well. I'm pleased your edition worked out so successfully for you - isn't it grand having a piece emerge from your brain in the way it was conceptualized and not some crippled misrepresentation that just doesn't quite make it?

I agree about using pen for sketches - it really forces you to be autographic, as it were, rather than "sketchy" which can happen quickly with a pencil. Not to say that beautiful things can't be accomplished with a pencil; I understand your gist. I am afraid I don't have your discipline. I had intended to try the "sketch a day" thing, but it's been very unsuccessful! Good for you on being enthusiastic (and successful) about it.

Katka said...

Spiderant, there is much to be said for spontaneity.

Amie, thank you. Having this piece turn out so much like what I wanted is for sure a rush and great incentive for moving forward.