March 18, 2008

Firebird: Onto Block 2

I'm not usually this ambitious during the week, by the time dinner's done and the dog is walked the last thing I have the energy for is hauling out printing stuff but, wanting to get going on the reduction part of this project, I had to get the image from the key block transfered. Even as it is, with Easter just down the road and my big plans to decorate some eggs again this year, I'll be lucky if I get to print anything by Monday anyway. Never mind, it's good to have some goals so I transferred my image tonight. But I cheated. I used the stamping ink I have left over from my card-making days to do it with.

The big issue was ending up with a transfer that will survive multiple future inkings and wipings. I don't think Speedball would do that, but my serious inks take too long to dry. Using an ink pad was much faster, the drying time will be shorter, and clean up was nothing. Even on a week night, the process was relatively painless.
I ran a 6" rubber brayer across a pigment dye ink pad several times, inked the block, and when it looked like there was enough ink on it, I laid a piece of acetate carefully in place on top of it. I burnished it with a spoon and then laid the acetate, inked side down, on my second block. This is my inked key block and the acetate (ink side up):

And this is the new block with the printed image down. Some parts of the image didn't transfer as well as others, but still well enough to see what's where.

Once the whole thing dries I'll touch it up with a fine-line sharpie just to make sure the image lasts through the future multiple printings.

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