March 30, 2008

Firebird: Tweety Phase

For the next few layers I'll be printing only the bird's body. This is the block to date. I tried using the nail-set tool for the halo around the moon and it worked so-so. I wanted a thicker "sprinkling" of indentations but putting the indents too close together tends to splinter the wood and then little chunks break away. But I still like the idea of it and will keep trying it elsewhere.

Today's colour was Tweety Bird yellow and printing it was a HUGE test in patience. Even with me using my smallest (2") brayer, ink got to places it wasn't meant to be and I had to carefully wipe the block clean before pulling each print.

Plus, even with some white mixed in for opacity, the yellow came out slightly greenish over the blue below.

I'm thinking it'll be ok, the bits that'll stay this particular yellow are small so the next layer should be warm things up slightly.

On another note, I only recently got my order for 10 pieces of all-shina from McClain's and, with the pace I work at, 10 pieces should last me for months. And yet, there we were in Rona, looking at hardware, when I remembered MDF and how highly Jen recommended it on WetCanvas. She's done some fine work with it: Jen's gallery. I just have to check it out for myself now. I found a couple of scraps, got the nice Rona guy to cut them into smaller, block-size, pieces and ended up with four 7" x 8" pieces and three 8" x 14" pieces all for $2. Yup, two bucks. Amazing.

I haven't tested it yet; I'm scared. Plus I have to transfer an image I want to try in black and white onto one of the smaller pieces first. But it's my self-imposed assignment for this coming week.

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Jen said...

The print is looking great!

Hope you enjoy the MDF! :o)