March 16, 2008

Key Block, Finally

No printing today still; today I finished carving the key block. It's held together with a hope and a prayer and lots of white glue in the parts where the lines wanted to chip out. I read somewhere that rubbing the block with linseed oil helps prevent unwanted chips and I did oil the block before I began carving. But then I didn't like how it was going so I flipped the block over and started again and forgot the oil. I cursed myself each time a line I was cutting around decided to chip away. And I doubt my lines are anywhere near as fine as those of the Japanese moku hanga guys. I'm pretty much in awe of their skill at this point.

Next step will be to run a proof and transfer it over to the block that will become the reduction block but I didn't have the motivation for that today: I'm still not properly in sync with last weekend's hated time change. I did managed to oil both blocks in preparation though.


Jen said...

Katka, I am so excited to find your blog. Your work is amazing! I've bookmarked it and will check back often.


P.S.- The key block looks fabulous!

Katka said...

Thanks so much Jen. I personally think YOUR work is amazing. I love the way you capture the life and energy in your greyhounds.