March 09, 2008

Show and Tell

Really nothing to show as per my carving progress. The key block for The Firebird is coming along but has another week or so to go until it's done. Half-way through I thought to try sharpening the X-Acto knife blade I'm using for the cuts. I wasn't sure if it would work but work it did, and how! Just a few runs across a ceramic stick and what a difference! The block cut like cheese after that.

On Friday I met with another member of WetCanvas and a very active printmaker, Amie Roman: Burnishings. Three hours went by in the blink of an eye while we sat and drank tea, surrounded by her artwork and her husband's beautiful hand-crafted furniture, and while we, to quote Charles Aznavour: "emptied out our hearts, on every subject from the arts, to liberation..."

What a rush to have a chance to see, and admire, her work and to show her some of my own. I'm so used to making my prints in isolation, my only contact with other printmakers being on-line through WetCanvas, that it was really inspiring to compare notes with someone live and to actually get some positive feedback on my work. And I even walked away with a door prize, a small print she gave me for R after I told her how much he likes crows.
Amie's style is different from mine and her work is more realistic, yet it's definitely not static. Her prints have a vibrancy and immediacy that really appeals to me:

Very cool. I was going to mat it right away but then got a bit lazy. Instead, R and I went to Granville Island, looking for a birthday present for N. A good weekend all in all.

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