April 25, 2008

3 Cheers for Daniel Smith

So I wrote to Daniel Smith about what to do to fix that black water-soluble ink I tried to use a couple of weeks ago but couldn't print with. I got an answer the very next day but, though I was expecting they'd tell me about some "magic solvent" I could add to the ink to transform it back into it's original state, the guy who wrote said there were potentially too many variables involved and I'd need to call their customer service center and talk to them in person. He gave me toll-free number to call.

Since I leave for work before the DS call centre opens and come home after it closes, I had to put the call off for a week. When I finally got around to calling I explained my problem and asked the girl I was talking to about the "magic solvent" I was hoping she'd recommend. Amazingly, after listening to my woes, she apologized most sincerely and, instead of recommending a "fix", told me she'd just send me out a new tube of ink, free of charge. Is that great customer service or what!??? Yes, I am impressed.

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