April 27, 2008

Firebird: Night Comes On

Yes, it's true, there's always a point in each print where it stops being just an odd bunch of colours or shapes and begins to resemble the final thing, the goal. Is it that very moment in the printing cycle, the moment where it all starts making sense, where both R and N will come into the kitchen and, glancing at the line of drying prints, will say: "Wow! It's really starting to look cool!", that keeps me engaged with this whole printmaking thing? (Of course, it may not always be looking "cool" but my family knows well how fragile this artistic ego can be).

Anyway, from that moment of cohesion (nice word) on, each new layer printed is only a slight embellishment to the last and doesn't affect the image in really drastic ways.

I think I reached that point today:

After today's colour, I suspect the next couple will only fill the image in a bit although I'm now beginning to get nervous about the key block. It's been too long since I included a key block in my work so it's the old FFU syndrome: Fear of f***ing-up.


Eraethil said...

I'd say the "wow" thing, but I thought it was already "really starting to look cool" a while a go.

Looking forward to those last few touches on colour and line!

Katka said...

Many thanks for your comments and encouragement Rick.

Jen said...

It's looking SO awesome right now!

Jen :o)