May 04, 2008

Firebird; Countdown

The last two colours for this print went on today: I added in a layer of deep violet to the landscape and a dark charcoal to the bird's wings.

Next time it'll be the key block though at this point I'm not sure if I'll be able to print it next week. Huge disappointment, I opened the box of replacement black ink Daniel Smith had sent, and discovered that it's oil-based relief ink and not water soluble. Ironically, the girl I talked to on the phone even double-checked to make sure they'd send the right one since I've ordered both oil-based and water-soluble inks from them, but in the end the wrong one arrived.
I don't have the balls to call them yet again for another replacement since this one was already sent free of charge, so I'm paying for the proper one this time. But I doubt it'll get here in time for next weekend. Nevermind, gotta roll with it: it's not what happens to us in life that matters as much as how we react to it. Maybe I'll use the opportunity to print the dancing girls block in oil-based black ink.

On another note entirely, I'm smitten with the work of yet another relief artist: Angie Lewin.

It was actually R who came across her work. Anyway, there's something about the style of Angie L's work that totally speaks to me. It's so simple yet so very alive.


Eraethil said...

It's so close now. The colours really work together in this print. Congrats!

Thanks for the link to Angie Lewin! I spent 20 minutes poking around her site. Great natural geometries she captures in her prints.

Jen said...



P.S.- Angie's work is gorgeous too. I love her florals!

Amie Roman said...

Thanks for the link to Angie L's work - lovely stuff.

Of course, I'm reading your blog much after the fact, but I'm doing it in chronological order; I'm loving the development & progress!