May 27, 2008

Loads and loads of code.

With a couple of MDF blocks still waiting to be carved, and ideas for my next block flitting through my thoughts, I haven't done any printmaking in two weeks.

That's because, a month or so ago, I decided to re-vamp my website on account of I didn't like the way the galleries were looking, plus the site had no way for anyone to get in touch with me if they wanted to. So I set about adding a comment form. Easy enough, except that the form wouldn't load properly and didn't work. Why? Because my original site was done up in the FrontPage program that came installed on my computer when I bought it and our internet provider doesn't support FrontPage anymore.

FrontPage is dead and has been for two years, or so said the techie at my internet provider's help line. He suggested I consider learning HTML and designing a site from scratch.

That's when I turned to the software designer at work for advice and she, optimist that she is, suggested I learn HTML and design a site from scratch. A good cup of coffee and a weekend is all it should take she said. Well, the good cup of coffee is no problem. But the weekend is harder to come by. I figured that, with as little time as I actually have on weekends, I would need four of them to her one. And so I set out.

I bought a basic HTML book, downloaded and read several articles from Webmonkey, studied the source codes for numerous sites I admire, and got R to make coffee, not necessarily in that order. What was I thinking! It's not like there's only two steps to the process: 1) learn HTML and 2) build the site. Or maybe yeah, but step two is pretty darn complex.

So, weeks later, definitely wiser but with my site nowhere near completion, I'm dreaming number signs, asterisks, and all those weird little brackets that were meaningless until now. I'm working with Dreamweaver now (I got an older version from a friend) and I'm neck deep in CSS rules. I feel like I'm in an animated film where each new step magically creates twenty new ones in front of me into infinity. I suppose the upside is that I'm exercising my brain and warding off Alzheimer's except that I'm still a bit too young to worry about that.

I'm planning on submitting a couple of pieces to the Malaspina printmaker's show on Granville Island next month, so I'll have to come down from my ladders of code and deal with printmaking at least a bit, but when, oh when, will I be able to sit down, chisel in hand again?

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