May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Offerings

My mother's day present today was an afternoon to myself while R and N took their bikes to the oceanside, followed by R cooking his signature Salmon Bisque for dinner for us and for my parents. A quiet afternoon and no dinner prep to worry about gave me lots of time for printing.

As I suspected, the new black ink from Daniel Smith hasn't arrived yet so I decided to use the black oil based ink they sent me to print the dancing girl print: The Dance.

8" x 4"

I printed on three different papers, none of which I'd ever tried before: BFK Rives light and medium weights and Masa. The version above is on the Masa; the grain of the paper comes through slightly in the scan. I'm planning on finishing the print with water colour once it dries so I suspect the differences between the papers will become more apparent then.

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