June 08, 2008

Bumping Room Only at the BIMPE 09

The opening reception for the BIMPE V, the 5th Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition, was held on Granville Island on Friday night and R and I headed over there to take it in. A number of WetCanvasers are taking part in the show and I wanted to see their work live as life as opposed to on my computer screen.

This is a picture of the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery which is staging the show:

And was it ever packed. We each took a deep breath and dove into the mob but soon realized that trying to start at one end of the room and move around to the other end was going to be impossible. In fact, there was such an insane amount of people that, at times, any movement at all was impossible.

However, there was also a marvelous collection of prints on display and so, since I have to go back next week to drop off my own prints for the Malaspina summer show, R and I decided we would wait until then to really see the BIMPE V exhibit and do it proper justice.

Here's a couple more pictures taken from the doorway:

Next stop, the Malaspina call for submissions:

The Malaspina show will mark the first time I take part in a "real" exhibit. I spent the day framing the three prints I'm planning to submit:

Now they're all leaning up against the wall in the living room, white-matted and black-framed, looking very serious and grown up, waiting until submission day.

I also added some colour to an edition of one of my very early prints; these are card-sized ones I plan to take just in plastic sleeves:

Now the next step is to try and figure out what to set my prices to. Not a real strong point for me.

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