June 30, 2008

A little bit of Fanfare please?

How time does fly when you're having fun (or not).

Here I am, sitting in the garden, surrounded by a palette of blooms and greenery, basking in the warmth of the first real summer weekend this year, listening to the trickle of the water in the fountain, and giving serious thought to having a tall glass of something cool and alcoholic. And in the middle of a Monday no less. I've got that vacation feeling for sure though it's not vacation time yet, but only a really extended weekend thanks to Canada Day tomorrow and a "why even bother going to work for one day" rationale.

And I'm in a celebratory mood: today marks the completion of my revamped website. Finally, after almost two months of every free minute gone over to tweaking code, changing styles, and editing images, the beast is live. For now. There are still things I plan to change and add but those can be handled at a leisurely pace. I have a binder-full of printed articles and a great book, Creating Web Sites, that I hope will keep me from forgetting all the stuff I learned. Now, I'm itching to get back to carving. I feel as if I've been away from the world of printmaking for years.

My next print will a black and white one, based on this drawing I did a couple of years ago:

I used Gimp (and it's amazing how proficient I got with using Gimp over the last couple of months) to change the drawing into a line format,

and then transferred it to my block.

The transfer is a bit smudgy but it'll be ok since I'm only carving the one colour. Time to go sharpen my chisels.

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Eraethil said...

Your website is a knockout. :) It really suites your artwork. Well done!

And your new image looks like an exciting project too. Welcome back to printmaking. Hehe.