July 16, 2008

Carvers Block

Lazy days of summer?

The dog and I seem to have one thing in common these days: lethargy. I'm suffering from a disconnect between a mental desire to work on my next block and the physical motivation to do anything about it.

Maybe it's because the days are warm and sunny and the garden, and all the plants in pots, are thirsty ALL the time. By the time we're done with watering each evening, any creative spark I may have been entertaining before dinner is gone. This is not helped by the fact that although I did start carving the block, I screwed it up and carved away the wrong thing, so now what should be black will be white and vice versa. Can I blame it on a dehydrated brain?

Thank God for the reversible, flippable nature of the shina block. I transferred the image to the other side of the block and can begin again but for the last few days I've pretty much just been staring at it. Working up the motivation I guess, the lack of which is all the more pathetic given how much I missed carving while I was working on the website.

Oh well, to quote Scarlet O'Hara, tomorrow is another day...

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