July 06, 2008


I did begin carving my next print but don't really have much to show yet. Most of my time last week went to planning R's Birthday adventure.

I figure that when a man hits the half century mark, the day needs to be celebrated with some panache and I really wanted to do something he'd remember. So, I planned a surprise trip to Whistler where nature's just on the back doorstep and the air is mountain clean, but there's lots of amenities and comforts to be had. We headed up on Friday morning, making sure to pack our hiking shoes for the forest, city shoes for the restaurant, and a bottle of Taboo for the panache.

The first afternoon went to playing tourist: the must-do hike around Lost Lake (where, amazingly, we found the wild sister of a perennial vine we've had in the garden for years),

and the hike followed by a stroll through Whistler Village: cruising the shops, sampling a couple of the many many restaurants.

We stopped in one of the galleries and discovered the work of an amazing BC artist: David Langevin. No, he's not a printmaker but who cares, his work totally spoke to us.

On our second day, rain at our heels, we did the hike we really went there for, a 4 km climb leading to a grove of ancient cedars, some as much as 900 years old.

The following pictures were all taken en route. We met only a couple of other hikers and were alone for most of the time, except for literally hundreds of ravenous mosquitoes that forced us to keep our jackets on and forced us to keep moving.

The boulder in the picture below looks like a giant turtle head or something. Is there a print in that one? The lichens themselves are amazing: a landscape all on their own.

Finally, the cedars were incredible. Nothing like standing in the midst of hundreds of ancient trees that have stood in the same spot for centuries.

The burl in the picture below makes me believe the fairy tales I read where bodies were turned into trees:

How fortunate we are, to have such wonders within reasonable access to us.

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Eraethil said...

Great shots - lots of inspiration for future art projects too! Congrats on what sounds like a great long weekend!