August 28, 2008

Images in Wood and No Psychedelics!

I had moments, while we were on Texada Island, when images appeared in driftwood shapes and rocks and boulders, suggesting other things. R hardly ever saw what I did in the shapes though N did at least a few times and even managed to embellish on my vision. I tried to capture some of them for use later but distances and lighting didn't always cooperate.

A fairly decent example (I think anyway), were these logs on the beach, seen from the deck of the cabin.

I saw a woman with long flowing hair and a serpent like creature with her and "Eve and the Serpent" jumped to mind.

My sketch looks cartoony I know, and my serpent lacks the grimace I was hoping to capture. Plus I employed some artistic license and added in some shrubbery and random pebbles. But if I can get it right, it just might make an interesting print.

1 comment:

Eraethil said...

Like it! The result doesn't resemble a typical concept of Eve with the serpent, so it is more interesting to the viewer. You should do more of these!