August 04, 2008

It's in the Proof

Blessed with a four-day weekend, I found time to proof and print the church block. Proofing is not something I normally do; I find reductions don't really lend themselves to it. But this time it definitely helped me with the carving process because the proof clearly brought to light some areas that needed changing.

Here are both the proof and final print side by side:

Apart from the difference in inks and paper, Speedball vs. Daniel Smith, I didn't like the lines in the church tower and found the tall grass in the center of the image too dark, so I did some more clearing in those areas. The bummer is that I also carved away a line that should have stayed and now a portion of the roof looks like it's just hanging in space. I'll have to cheat in a fix somehow.

Also, the image maybe busier than I'd like it to be, even with the grassy area lightened, so I'm going to experiment with adding in some water colour in select areas to add some distinction.

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