October 19, 2008

Fall Blues?

I'm not sure why, but my mood for the last couple of days has been totally blah and I've had to drag myself to virtually everything I did.

Is it Fall melancholy settling in? Colder, damper, darker mornings to wake up to and signs of Christmas showing up in the stores might have something to do with it. Normally though, I don't mind that all that much; less to do outside means more time for my printing. And yet, I had to really push myself to print the next colours for my two blocks today and it seemed like a chore.

It really didn't help that I had a hard time getting the right colour mix I wanted and in the process managed to get ink everywhere. Twice. By the time I was done, I was feeling ridiculously sorry for myself and frustrated with the world. And the reward for my efforts:

Just a patch of new colour in Eve and the Dragon,

and a misleading field of green (of which very little will stay) for the Dragon Maple. At least the raggedy edges are gone.

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