November 23, 2008

Ivy League?

This afternoon went to printing out my X-mas card block. The image is small enough to fit two per sheet of paper and I managed to pull around 55 prints (I lost count toward the end). Plus, since I'm not particularly concerned with longevity nor obsessed, as I normally am, about keeping my paper acid free, I experimented with a few different papers, including parchment.

The Wonder-Cut lino proved to be ok in printing but was, as I expected, a bit grainy. I had to lay on more ink than normal and that made it somewhat gloppy, with some of the finer lines being lost, though I'm not sure that would be an issue if the image were larger. Overall, I think the cards will be close to what I envisioned. I will be cheating, and adding in some hand-colouring with ink once the prints are dry, then cropping them and mounting them onto some special card-stock. Lots of work for idle hands still ahead and I really have the sense that Christmas is flying at me with supersonic speed this year. I realized with horror today that I'd better begin thinking about gifts and baking and soon.

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