November 02, 2008

Making choices

Sometimes, most of the time actually, I have a very clear idea of the exact colours I'll be using in an image, from start to finish. And then there are the exceptions. This time, having arrived at the final colour stage for the Dragon Maple, I still hadn't decided just what that colour would be. I knew that, for maximum contrast with the rest of the image, it would need to be dark. But in what shade? Thank God for Gimp II; it really came through for me.

A few mouse strokes and a parade of backgrounds in all kinds of colours came and went before I finally chose the one I'd go for. I had so much fun with it that I even called R into the room to see just how cool the process was. Ah the wonders of Technology!

Here's the one I went for which, ironically, isn't showing well here; it's actually a nice dark chocolate brown:

5.5" x 7"

This was the first print I ever printed on Masa paper. It's a lighter weight than my normal BFK Rives and I had some concern about how well it would stand up to multiple layers of ink. It held up very well, the only issue being that a couple of the prints curled a bit as they hung up to dry but this is a minor thing.

And here's the second to last layer of Eve and the Serpent. Moving into countdown mode now...

I'd better start planning that Christmas card.

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Eraethil said...

Think you made a great choice! Turned out wonderfully!