November 16, 2008

Misty moisty morning.

Even though the day, misty and gray, is perfect for staying indoors and indulging in creative past-times, I haven't been able to gather enough momentum for printing today. I'm fighting a war with some virus that's going around and I think the virus is winning.

So, a pot of soup simmering on the stove and my ambitions set aside, I'll content myself with tidying up some loose ends and waiting until next week. It's probably a good idea anyways since the Eve and the Serpent prints hanging in the kitchen aren't fully dry yet and I'll need all the room I can get for my Christmas cards.

I've got the matrix done:

I finally got around to using the piece of Wonder-Cut lino I ordered out of curiosity two years ago. It's been well wrapped in plastic and is still fine, but I've been hesitant to try it until now. The texture seems rougher than either the Battleship Gray, or the Golden Cut and I wasn't sure how much detail it would take. Happy surprise: it was actually pretty good to work with, cut easier than the other two types and didn't crumble (my main fear). For an image as fast as I wanted this one to be, it worked really well. The true test will be how it prints up but, so far, I liked it.

Next time I'll have to try a larger image; this one is only 4" X 4".


marissa buschow said...

I've been pondering what types of linoleum to get lately, thanks for inadvertently giving tips! :)

Katka said...

Good news! I'm glad I was helpful.