November 09, 2008

Some prints turn out to be potatoes...

The last colour done on Eve and the Serpent and I hate to confess that I don't like it. I was so excited about this print about three colours ago and now I want to turn my back on it and forget it at the bottom of some drawer somewhere. Then, one day, I'll stumble across it and be happily surprised. Maybe.

5.5" x 8.5"
My problem, I think, is that the first few layers that went on were very subtle. The finished product now seems too "comic-book" and so not subtle enough. In my striving for simplicity and stylization I went too far and I've managed to lose the essence of the driftwood in the process. Damn. One more for the experience box.
Yeah, I know. Stuff happens; that's part of the whole learning thing. But it's always frustrating because each print takes me so many weeks to put together. Nevermind, back in the saddle tomorrow.

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