September 28, 2008

The Serpent and the Dragon

Indian summer and a gorgeous day; warm and sunny and excellent music on the radio to keep me company.
I got the next layers printed on both the blocks I'm working on. First, this is the second layer printed in Eve and the Serpent. It's hard to tell where it's going at this point. But that's actually the fun part of this whole process for me: watching the image unfold slowly into definition.

The Dragon Maple print on the other hand, is already more suggestive of the final image.
I made up a foam board mask and it worked great. Up to now I've used mylar to make my masks from and the foam is definitely superior.

When I'm done the finished print should look something like this. This is the first sketch and I've made a couple of minor changes to the block itself and added in another leaf, but it's pretty much true to what I'm hoping to finish with. In colour of course.

September 21, 2008

New season; new efforts

In honour of the first day of fall and a farewell to summer, I printed the first stages, the backgrounds, for two new blocks today: Eve and the Serpent, and a study of a hibiscus type plant in the garden.

Not much to see yet but my big delight for today is the new drying rack (based on ideas borrowed from a couple of other on-line printmakers - sorry, I can't find the original links) that R finally assembled and hung up for me. It's very basic; a long strip of what used to be a one by two but is now narrower and some clothes pins:

It holds 21 prints which is, for my efforts, plenty. And, if I really need to, I can still hang some more on the line along the other window (my old method). It already looks much neater than when I had the prints drying one next to each other along both windows and can easily be taken down when not in use, by unhooking the eye-hooks on either side.

As for the printing, I didn't do any work on the blocks last week and therefore didn't get the background sections ready to go. I got around that by cutting foam-board to the exact size of my carving area, tacking it to the blocks with tape, and printing the backgrounds from that.

Now I'll have to get busy and start carving.

Finally, this is one attempt at adding in some colour to the Village Church print I did a month or so ago.

September 14, 2008

Eve and the Serpent

Although I've prepared two different blocks for carving over the last couple of days, Eve and the Serpent won as my next project. I've reworked the sketch somewhat, transferred the image to the block, and did up a colour sketch to try and get a grasp on the layers.

I didn't get a chance to print today and that's too bad; the first layer is going to be done with the block completely uncarved so now I have to wait until next week before I begin carving. It's always hard to get back to routine after the summer. Hopefully I can jump into it now.