January 12, 2009

Dancing Into Action

I have a new project in mind but didn't want to begin working on it until I got a hard copy of the image to do my sketching from. I was playing around with Gimp on the weekend and got some interesting variations I'd like to work from but had to wait to print the image out. So, in the meantime, I decided to finally finish some prints I'd begun work on way over three years ago: The Dance.
I managed to finish the block last April , print it out in May and have been meaning to add water-colour ever since. I think there's some kind of unfavourable saying about good intentions that may apply in this case but never mind. I'll ride on the other cliche of better late than never.

I set myself up on the kitchen table and went at it:

I tried one colourful version which I didn't like:

8" x 5"

And ended up doing almost all of the rest in more muted tones:

8" x 5"

One interesting difference that emerged was in how the three types of paper I'd printed on responded to the water colours. I'd printed the image on two types of BFK Rives, light and medium weight, and Masa paper. The BFK were both great but the Masa was a pain, and displayed blotter paper qualities, because the paint bled to areas where I didn't want it to go. Just a little, but still enough to be annoying. So, good lesson for the future. Now I can move on to my next piece. I'm hoping to begin sketching it out tonight.


Amie Roman said...

I am particularly fond of the muted version; I think that it allows the image to be a lot better. Nice piece!

Amie Roman said...

Sorry that doesn't read the way I meant it in my brain - I mean the image is just able to be in an existential sort of way!

Katka said...

Thanks Amie. I knew what you meant and I agree. Lately I'm beginning to think that less is often more.