January 25, 2009

A glimpse out of (or into?) the murky waters

Oh fruitful weekend!

Is it because R's just begun a couple of graduate courses and, with him desk-bound and working on assignments, I had more time for working on my stuff? Or was I just super efficient? Whatever the reason, I managed to get in two days of printing so that, instead of just my usual Sunday afternoon session, I printed on Saturday as well. And that means I was able to add two layers to the "mystery" print instead of just one; it also means that the mystery is pretty much about to take it's exit.

Here's the second colour I added in on Saturday, a deeper gray, both alone and together with the first layer:

I had used a mask for the initial colour and planned to use it even for the second but it wasn't working right so, in the end, I gave it up and rolled in the ink to where I figured it should go. One of my next colours will be mostly white and the white DS ink is pretty opaque so it should cover well.

This afternoon I added the third layer, a sage green which, I know, doesn't look anything like sage in the photos. I fiddled around with the colour editor to try and bring it up to real-life colour, but it just wouldn't go and wouldn't go no matter what, so here it is looking "turquoisy".

Quite clear now (kinda sorta) what the final image will be.

That's not all though. Not only did I jump ahead in this print, I actually began work on another block last week and printed the first layer in that one too. There's not much to show yet so I'm holding off on posting the photo until next week maybe. But needless to say, seeing all those lovely prints a-hanging in the kitchen, back to back on my great drying rack, gives the heart a little flutter.

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Amie Roman said...

Very productive, K! I like the way this is progressing.