January 18, 2009

No, it's not going to be a Linx!

I began printing my next project today but, alas, sans the new anxiously anticipated 8" brayer ordered from Daniel Smith.

I've been wanting to get this since I first saw it at the DS store in Seattle two years ago but it's not cheap so I've been holding off. Now, having sold some prints a couple of weeks ago, I figured I'd put the money to good use. Yes, I still debated the outlay a bit and, probably, if Speedball made an 8" brayer I would have gone with one of theirs, given that I'm quite happy with the smaller ones I have.
But Speedball brayers only go up to 6" and I've managed to sell myself on the idea that, at times, size does matter. At least in printmaking anyway.

Not meant to be. It's not crucial at this point anyway, because the block is still nearly intact for this printing. It'll be more of an issue once larger areas of it are carved out; that's when I find that my smaller brayers tend to dip into spaces I don't want them to dip into and I spend a fair amount of time wiping ink out of the valleys. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed for a speedy delivery.

As to the print, I've decided to shake things up a bit and I'm not posting the image I'm basing it on for now. It'll be a bit of a guessing game. Here's what the inked up block looked like:

And here's the first layer of ink down: I'm printing onto mostly onto BFK lightweight cream colour paper but am trying a few prints on Masa as well:

It sure does look like a Linx though doesn't it? Or maybe a Dr. Seus character?

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