February 01, 2009

One Step Forward, One Step Back: Stalemate

It almost turned out to be a one step forward, TWO steps back kind of weekend; after my progress last week it looked like this week would be a total bust for printing. That's because, after almost two months, the restoration company finished fixing my parents' suite downstairs and today was the day we moved them back in. I knew, in advance, there'd be no printing going on today so I planned to print yesterday instead. Well, by Friday night that idea went pffttt too and the outlook for my current print getting it's next coat was pretty grim.

So, reluctantly, I hauled all my stuff to the kitchen on Friday night and went at it. I don't generally like to print at night mostly because, after a full day of work, I'm just too tired. Two years into my latest work schedule and I still haven't adjusted to the 6:00 am rising time. Frankly, it's ridiculous that sane people should have to force themselves out of bed in pitch blackness to go to work, unless there are cows to be milked or something. I guess, considering some of the people I work with have to get up at 4:30 every morning, I should count myself lucky and not gripe. Except it makes me too tired to want to drag out the press and inks and stuff on a weeknight.

I also haven't liked to print at night because I don't have the best lighting where I print and judging ink colours in artificial light isn't easy. However, this being BC, where for a good part of the year it's overcast and where two in the afternoon can seem like twilight, I invested in a small "daylight" lamp a while ago. It's not big enough to illuminate my work table but gives ample light to my inking glass and mixing area. Now, I'm not dependent on real daylight anymore to know that my chocolate brown ink really is brown and not deep purple.

Anyway, Friday night, feeling proud to be so committed about my work, I printed. The next colour after this one will be more of a transformation point for the image but, for now, this is the next stage:

Sadly, the other print I've started on will just have to wait for this week.


Amie Roman said...

I am really enjoying the subtle development of colours on this print. Thanks so much for sharing the work in progress; as usual, the anticipation of the next layer is always as enjoyable and the reveal.

Katka said...

Thank you Amie. Now the pressure is really on not to screw it up LOL.