February 09, 2009

White Lady

This week I took the first real steps in fleshing out the focal point of my current piece and added in the base colour.

I haven't settled my mind on how many other layers I'll be putting in, but I'm leaning toward less as opposed to more. It all depends on how well I can resist the seductive power of my reference photo which has at least another eight colours in this next section. But I originally planned to only use seven colour layers for the entire piece so I'm curious to see how well I can match my expectations.


ainesse said...

Hello there

nice to come across your blog and I particularly like that you focus exclusively on relief print. I have been thinking about buying a book that is about the process of relief printmaking. I saw that you had the George Walker book on your shelf? I seem to remember that he used to and possibly still does contribute to the Baren forum. Would you recommend that book or is there one other from your shelf that you feel is better?

Katka said...

And hello to you Aine.

Yes, I would for sure recommend George W's book. It's very thorough and covers all aspects of engravings and woodcuts (tools, methods, paper, inks, etc.) in lots of detail. Plus there are plenty of images as examples.
I find it to be excellent and absolutely worth the money. I don't think you'll be disappointed with it if you do buy it.

The other book I really got a lot out of is "The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking" but it's a hardcover so it's twice the price. It also seems to take a more academic approach if you know what I mean. The George Walker is a better first choice.