March 23, 2009

No Go for the Leonard Cohen Show

6.5" x 9"

I finished Dreams yesterday and, day off today, began getting ready for my next print. Right from the start I've hit a wall. I know what I want to do for next print, I've had it in my head for a few weeks, but there are two ways I can go at it and I can't decide on one or the other.

I've picked an ambitious theme: Leonard Cohen, whose music and poetry have been a part of life since I was 16 and my friend Ray played me a Cohen record borrowed from the library. Fast forward to now, when in a few months the 73 year-old Cohen is coming to Vancouver, on the second leg of his first tour in decades and most likely the last. Of course I wanted to go. I REALLY wanted to go. The tickets sold out before they even went online, at $495. Seems that these days, with no one buying music and everyone downloading it from the web, the only way musicians make any money is through concerts. Sad.

I sulked a bit and entered a contest on the basis of "you can't win if you don't try". And then I came across a really cool L Cohen picture and decided to adapt it for a print. I'm reading the poetry, looking for ideas, and working on the sketch. I'll post it once it's done. I'll be going back to lino for this one; I need something without a grain and wanted to give MDF another go but I don't have the right size.


Annie B said...

$495. Whoa. Stunning. Sorry about the concert, but I love your idea and I look forward to seeing the progress of the print.

Katka said...

I agree, it's incredible.
The irony is that a lot of these "grass roots" musicians now charging hundreds for their concerts (Neil Young is another one at $300 a ticket) traditionally had a largely anti-establishment following.
Yet now, probably even more so these days, the only people who can afford to pay the high prices are "established".