March 11, 2009

Life Is Like A Cup of Coffee

I come across, through work, a fair number of people who lead very comfortable lives. To say the least. They started their careers 20 to 25 years ago and there's a lot of comfort one can accumulate in 25 years of a professional career. Sometimes, sitting in on lunch-table conversations, I feel like the poor relation in a Victorian novel. Hell, 25 years ago R and I were still driving Spot, our camperized postal van, around California and working at odd jobs as they turned up.

So far, life has been a great ride and, most of the time, I manage to squash feelings of regret. Our home maybe small but it's full of love, we may not be able to afford to fly to Cuba, Holland, or Paris or to buy front loading washing machines, but we've led a life rich with other experiences and we're happy anyway. We have our health and the opportunity to learn new things every day and to say what we want to in public. We have warmth and enough food to eat. These things alone put us in the priviliged third of the world's population and we know how blessed we are. Still, in rare and random moments of weakness, I wonder if we should have maybe done things differently.

Yesterday, I got a this little YouTube video from a friend:

No, it's got nothing to do with printmaking whatsoever and the background music is REALLY annoying, but the message is a good one. It really captures the philosophy we've tried to live our lives by. I'll have to remember the message for the next time the guys at work start talking new houses with stainless steel appliances...

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