March 01, 2009

Taking the Leap Over to ETSY!

I tend to have very low tolerance for people who talk, over and over, about all the stuff they're going to do and then never end up doing it. No, there's nothing wrong with having dreams; I have hundreds of them. And I do know all about how sometimes life gets in the way of big plans and we end up going sideways instead of where we planned to go. That's different.

But when someone just talks about how they're going to write that best-selling novel, or learn a bunch of new languages, or take belly-dancing or sky-diving or whatever other stuff people do, and then never actually get off the couch to start typing or to register for a course, I confess, I get annoyed.

It's no surprise then that after almost two years of me telling people all about ETSY, and all about how I would join one day, and then never getting down to doing it, I was totally starting to get on my own nerves. Yeah okay, since I didn't want to seem like the type who just talks big but never sees stuff through, I made sure the people I told my big ETSY dream to were always different people. And I only told each person once. So technically, I wasn't really going on and on and on about it right? It was only myself I was irritating. Well this was the weekend I finally put a stop to all of that.

Yes, what with designing the banner and doing the write-ups it was a bit of work though to be fair, I started pulling things together a few months ago already. But it was that final leap I couldn't somehow work my way up to and I had to hold my breath and just do it.

Unfortunately, with all that excitement and also some other social obligations this weekend, I only managed to get one of my blocks ready for printing today. Here it is inked and ready to go through the press in my "idiot proof registration" jig.

And here it is just pulled...

And, finally, la voila the new colour:

I'm actually beginning to like it a bit now.

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