April 19, 2009

No ink; No print

For lack of ink the print was stalled.

I ran out of white ink, forgot to order more until it was too late, so over a week went by without any action on my print and the block sitting and gathering dust. Annoyed with myself but not wanting to waste precious time, I figured this would be a good time to update my website with my new work. Well...

I've recently switched internet browsers from Firefox to Opera and I'm really loving all the cool features. But, oh horror, I looked at my updated site and discovered that my images, in "popping up" to larger view, behave totally differently in Opera than they did in Firefox. And, worse, they're doing the same damn thing in Explorer. Some do this, some do that, and, just to really make me scratch my head, some behave just the way they're supposed to. Man! I'd read that some coding doesn't work across all the different browsers and I thought I was careful when I wrote the code for the pop-ups but, clearly, I screwed up somewhere.

So, red faced, I go back to the drawing board. Once again, to build onto the two months of my life that went to learning CSS and HTML last year when I first built my site, I'm filling my brain with programming language and struggling to understand it. And no, I'm not done with the site. It may just be another two months. I confess, I considered just going with some gallery site provider like Artspan etc., and I spent two days looking at different options, but it all comes down to limitations. I can't find exactly what I want unless I pay more money than I'm willing to pay. In the end, I chose to struggle on with fixing it myself.

In the meantime, my white ink came and I actually got back to printing today. Here's layer three of my L. Cohen print. It's coming along really well. One more left to go. My scanner isn't big enough for the full print, the top and sides are a bit cut off in this image.

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Eraethil said...

This print is really coming along well as you say Katka! Will be fun to see it progress.